Working at Crucible

Here at Crucible, we’re lucky enough to have some of the most talented minds in the business. And we’re currently on the look out for more wonderful people to join the team!

Our employees are the reason why Crucible is a pretty awesome place to work. So we make sure we do our part to help our team feel supported, both professionally and personally.

Why Crucible?

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Supporting your mental health

Supporting our team’s mental health is incredibly important to us, which is why in addition to annual leave, everyone gets 3 mental health days per year.

These can be taken whenever you need to, no questions asked.

Putting your welfare first 

We work hard and have a fast-paced agency environment, but the health and welfare of our people always comes first.

If you need to pick up your kids, or a loved one is unwell or you have a medical appointment, this all comes first. You won’t need to make up the time or take annual leave.

We want to make sure all our people feel as supported as they can at work.

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Investing in your workspace 

At Crucible, working from home is the default, and there’s no obligation to come into the office unless you want to.

Because of this, we have a £250 per person annual budget to put towards making your work space at home comfortable and supportive of your needs.

If you’re happy with your existing set up, you can spend this budget on your health and wellbeing, like a gym membership – it’s up to you.

Celebrating equality and diversity 

It should go without saying that equality and diversity is celebrated and championed within every business, but unfortunately as a society, we’re not there yet.

At Crucible, equality and diversity is a key part of our people strategy and recruitment process. We strongly encourage people from all backgrounds to apply so we can continue to grow an equal and diverse workforce at Crucible.

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Regular socials 

As a largely remote team, we make sure we invest in at least monthly socials to promote a strong workplace culture and relationships in the team.

All socials are paid for by Crucible so that everyone is able to join.

Tight-knit, supportive culture 

We’re a small agency, which means we all know each other pretty well and have a friendly and relaxed culture. As we’re remote, we do quick check-ins at the start and end of the day to see how everyone’s doing.

Working in environments which allow me to work autonomously have always suited me. At Crucible I’m trusted to work independently on a variety of different areas which keeps me engaged. Delivering projects with an ambitious team provides the opportunity to learn a great deal and keeps me on my toes - where I like to be!

Martha Baumforth-Leadbetter

Digital Project Manager, Crucible

Working at Crucible has given me a nice balance where I'm challenged whilst doing what I enjoy. I am very grateful to be part of a team full of amazing individuals. Oh, and I must mention that our social gatherings are always fun!

Maria Garcia

Digital Marketing Manager, Crucible

Everyone at Crucible is incredibly nice, and supportive, and I genuinely feel like I'm working as part of an awesome team to achieve our overall goals.

Will Samuel

Web Developer, Crucible

Meet the Team

About Craig

With 10 years of strategic and consultative design experience, Craig is our lead consultant and is the driving force behind Crucible’s delivery of digital business change. He is clients’ first point of contact on most projects and gives steer and direction to the agency and its creative output.

Craig Slade LinkedIn page

Founder & Strategic Director

About Alex

Alex is clients’ chief point of liaison during their projects with us. When he’s not working with clients, he turns his expertise in UX and project management to running the agency internally.

Alex Curtis LinkedIn page

Associate Director

About Maria

Maria works in the performance marketing team, ensuring our clients’ digital channels are rigorously managed and growth targets are always achieved. She brings marketing and client facing experience across multiple industries, including retail and recruitment, as well as a masters in International Business.

Maria Garcia LinkedIn page

Digital Marketing Manager

About Martha

Martha brings over 7 years experience working in the web sector across a range of eCommerce, and luxury and high street retailers. She is PRINCE2 qualified and an Agile and Change Management Practitioner, bringing a wealth of knowledge as well as experience to the role. Finding solutions and meeting tight deadlines for clients provides her with a great sense of satisfaction.

Martha Baumforth Leadbetter LinkedIn page

Senior Project Manager

About Roy

Roy is a skilled web developer with experience working with various tech stacks. With 15 years of experience working to solve complex, technical problems, Roy enjoys delivering high-quality websites and digital projects for clients.

Roy Wenman LinkedIn page

Web Developer

About Ross

Ross heads up the design team here at Crucible. His knowledge, vision and creativity have been tested over 10 years of digital design for brands ranging from schools to international real estate companies. Ross ensures that all of our clients’ design needs are identified and met to a high standard.

Ross Ackery LinkedIn page

Head of Design

About Nick

Nick heads up the development team here & has over 10 years of experience in web development across varying roles and tech stacks. He is responsible for the output of digital projects and ensuring up to date and best practices are used as standard.

Nick Fenton LinkedIn page

Head of Development

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