Website Strategy Template

Your step-by-step guide to planning your website strategy. 

Creating a website strategy is key to a successful project, and takes thought and planning.

Our website strategy template aims to support you in creating your strategy, with guidance and help at every stage.


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What do we cover in the template?


The website strategy template goes through the key areas to consider when creating your strategy. We cover:

  • Your goals: Identifying your business, marketing and website goals
  • Website improvement channels: How your website contributes towards your business goals
  • User personas: Determining the user groups that matter to your business
  • Alignment: Aligning strategic goals to user personas
  • Action plan: Prioritising and creating a MoSCoW framework
  • Measuring your progress: How to know how well you’ve done


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Step-by-Step Website Strategy Guidance

Download your website strategy template to save hours of time and create a well-crafted website strategy.

  • Improve your website’s performance with a robust, clearly defined website strategy
  • Ensure your website and planned activity is user-focused through getting a detailed understanding of your users
  • Measure the success of your activities to make sure you’re on track with your goals and objectives

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