Webinar: Supercharge your Website Strategy in 2022

The Supercharge your Website Strategy webinar is now available on-demand!

Watch the webinar to get:

1. Website strategy guidance: Clear, actionable advice on how to create your 2022 website strategy.

2. Tackle blank page syndrome: Guidance on where to start with your website strategy and how to start in a logical way.

3. Optimise your site structure, pages and content: Learn the secret to high performance in these three key areas.

4. Improve SEO: Quick wins and tips to advance SEO on your site.

5. Drive and measure growth: Ideas about how to measure progress and drive traffic to your site.


Introducing the Speakers



Craig Slade, Managing Director and Lead Strategist


Craig is the Managing Director and Lead Strategist at Crucible – a leading digital agency based in London.

Craig has over 10 years digital and web design experience, working with clients across a range of sectors.


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Krystian Szastok, Founder and SEO Consultant


Krystian is the Founder of RobotZebra – a boutique SEO agency, focussed on ethical and sustainable practice and business. 

Krystian has 15 years of experience working in SEO, and specialises in SEO strategy, eCommerce and technical SEO. 


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Amy Wilson, Digital Marketing Consultant


Amy is a digital marketing expert with over 15 years experience across a vast range of sectors.

Amy works with organisations as a digital marketing consultant, advising clients on how to achieve fast growth through their digital channels. 


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