The B2B Website Planning Series

Your step-by-step guide series to planning your website project. 

Embarking on a new website project can be complex and challenging. But we think it’s pretty exciting too.

There’s a lot to consider, so make sure you’re not trying to do it alone – we’re here to help.

Recent research by KPMG has shown that 70% of organisations have suffered at least one project failure in the last 12 months and 50% of respondents indicated that their project had failed to achieve what they set out to.

As a business critical asset, it’s crucial that web projects are well-managed and have a clear purpose, objectives and timings. It’s vital to make sure you have all the tools and knowledge you need to make it a success.

In the B2B Website Planning Series we aim to help you with each stage of planning your website to ensure you achieve the best possible end result.


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What do we cover in the series?

  • Planning Your Approach: A Marketers’ Guide to Approaching a Website Project
  • Analysing Your Website: A Marketers’ Guide to Why and When to Work on Your Website
  • Initiating Your Project: A Marketers’ Guide to Project Planning
  • Choosing Your Trusted Partner: A Marketers’ Guide to Choosing an Agency
  • Working Out The Brief: A Marketers’ Guide to Writing the Brief and Beyond

These guides will give you a thorough understanding of all the steps and stages to go through to ensure your website project is approached using the latest best practice. We hope you find it’s a useful aid for your project.


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The B2B Website Planning Series