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In 2016, Crucible were approached by Girton College to produce a compelling identity, brand package, set of slogans and microsite to promote their 150th Anniversary campaign. They were keen to engage alumni and current students across age groups and disciplines with a campaign that emphasised a pride in Girton, and encouraged participation in the series of events to take place in 2019.

A Detailed History

The website design called for a sophisticated expandable timeline, with dozens of historical events, statistics, alumni profiles and memories embedded within each interactive section. We also developed a bespoke events calendar for Girton, as well as an interactive video panel and merchandise sales portal.

girton college homepage design on three monitors

A Broad Campaign

Alongside the website we also designed and printed a number of brochures and supporting materials for the various events surrounding the 150th anniversary, as well as the logo. These brochures included an annual fund report, donor leaflet, newsletter and set of branded templates.

We also worked very closely with the college to determine a suitable strapline for the campaign. We settled upon “Where ____ Thrives” – with the centre word being an adjective such as “learning”, “brilliance”, or “community” depending on the use and context of the strapline.