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Developing a vibrant digital identity  

Tamasha Theatre is a well-established theatre company dedicated to showcasing the work of South Asian artists. They have a vibrant programme of workshops, shows, and digital events, and came to Crucible to develop a digital identity and website which would match.

Showcasing history through digital 

Tamasha Theatre has a rich history, dating back over 30 years, so to showcase this we created a full archive of events, dating back to their first show in 1989. We also created a detailed history page, making use of Tamasha’s photography archive from the three decades of productions.

Tamasha website design

High standards of accessibility

Arts organisations which receive public funding are held to high standards of accessibility, so it was crucial that text styles were clean and legible, and that high levels of contrast be maintained throughout. An Accessibility Toolbar was installed on the site, to ensure that the website was usable to as many people as possible. 

The Crucible team developed the site to be mobile-first, and page load size was kept to a minimum to ensure that the page was accessible on weak connections.

Tamasha theatre website

Energetic interaction design

While keeping the design as clean as possible for accessibility purposes, we wanted to inject some vibrancy into the site using interactions, and making use of the distinctive colour-gradient in the logo. The Tamasha logo animates, front and centre, as the site loads, and the rollover-effects throughout the site suggest the same shift in tone.

Tamasha website on mobile

The results

The new website and branding received a strong, positive reaction on social media, and helped Tamasha to consolidate their mission and identity, which itself was reshaped and refined during the branding and identity process.


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