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Crucible worked tirelessly to ensure they fully understood our vision for the project and the experience we wanted to deliver. They invested so much time and care into the project, and became a close, trusted partner of ours.

Abdul Shayek

Artistic Director and Joint CEO, Tara Theatre

UX-focused digital storytelling 

One of the many tragedies of the pandemic has been the inability to say goodbye to loved ones – a loss which Artistic Director of Tara Theatre, Abdul Shayek, wanted to address using the power of theatre and digital experience. 

‘Final Farewell’, an immersive walking tour curated by Tara Theatre, told the stories of people who had passed away during the pandemic. Shayek said the idea of the tour was that people could “listen to the stories of these individuals, while also retracing journeys, or [visiting] places that may have had a connection to the person”. 

A digital experience to remember

In the making of ‘Final Farewell’, Shayek and the Tara Theatre team worked with Crucible to define the digital experience for the tour. Although Shayek had created the concept for the tour, the challenge then became how this would be translated into a digital experience. 

In what became a close partnership, the Crucible team worked extensively with Tara Theatre to map out how the stories would be told through digital, and created the microsite and digital journey for the tour.

UX and mobile-first approach

In an immersive experience like ‘Final Farewell’, the importance of a UX-first approach was paramount. The experience also had to be designed for mobile and be quick and easy to follow to account for physical conditions like bad weather. 

There were also safety considerations with the immersive nature of the experience, meaning attendees were weaving through the streets and parks of Wandsworth. This resulted in the Crucible team reviewing the physical user journey through the experience as well, to ensure attendees would be doing the route safely. 

The result

‘Final Farewell’ allowed family, friends and the local community to come together to remember, celebrate and mourn loved ones lost during such an unparalleled time. 

Recognition and positive feedback about the experience included reviews from The Guardian, The Stage and many more leading media publications. The Stage’s five star review commented, “A timely reminder of theatre’s ability to heal”. 

The Crucible team were privileged to have worked with Tara Theatre on ‘Final Farewell’ and leverage the agency’s digital expertise to deliver such a powerful and important experience. 


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