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Taking the noise out of audiovisual e-commerce

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Valuestores were already an established online brand when, in 2017, they chose to invest in their design and brand via the development of an updated online sales platform.

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Too Much ‘Shout’ to be Heard

Audiovisual specialists often have online stores which are dominated by special offers, noise, advertisements, and unnecessarily in-your-face user interfaces. Valuestores noted this and found it tired and outdated, and wanted a clean, modern, futureproof solution that would allow them to both manage their vast product ranges long-term, but also a captivating web experience that would grab customers’ attentions and make sure they were kept.

Their previous site also had a cumbersome, non-optimal user journey that led customers through a series of inconvenient payment options, and the site’s analytics were showing drop-off and abandoned baskets at these stages. Analysing the users’ pain points, we were able to determine how best to approach the new site’s design.

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A Minimal Approach

After a briefing and discovery process, in close co-operation with the client we elected to progress with a minimal, futuristic site, reminiscent of interfaces favoured by brands such as Apple. The rationale behind this idea was that most audiovisual online retailers bombard their consumers with information, offers and products, and a more potent sales technique was to be afforded via an exceptionally user-friendly UX, easily filtered categories, and clear, straightforward product imagery. It was determined that this would build trust and show the retailer to be established, high-end and able to outcompete others in the sector.

A Growing Company

Following on from their new website’s launch, the company has seen a surge in sales and we have since consulted with them on digital marketing and SEO to further enhance the reach and impact of the new store.