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Property Website

Website redesign and brand identity for leading commercial property consultants

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Commercial property website

The Client 

Whybrow is a commercial property consultancy, operating under the Beresfords property group umbrella. Established in 1986, Whybrow provides expert consultancy for commercial properties to local, regional and national companies. They wanted a property website design focused on delivering a modern web presence for their sector.

Property website redesign

The Brief

Property Website Design

Beresfords, the largest property group in Essex, recently acquired Whybrow and approached Crucible to support the newly acquired company with its ambitious growth plans. Crucible had the exciting challenge of redesigning the Whybrow website and refreshing its brand identity. The website was no longer fit for purpose and the brand’s digital identity was in need of modernisation that would better align with its core values and forward-thinking approach.

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Property search website design

Brand Refresh

Whybrow was keen to refresh its branding and identity to better represent its core values and strengthen its position in the industry. Crucible approached the brand refresh by initially defining the brand’s core values; trustworthiness, professionalism and helpfulness. It was crucial that the refresh would represent the brand as a specialist in the industry while incorporating vibrancy and modernity. Crucible revitalised the previous logo, which had become outdated, by delivering a revised version that exuded boldness and confidence.

Digital Identity

Our team went to work incorporating the refreshed brand identity across the website. The digital-first and vibrant colour palette was thoughtfully used throughout the site echoing the brands’ trustworthiness and professionalism. Incorporating intricate details such as the module cutouts subtly connects the brand to its digital identity, serving as nods to the updated Whybrow logo.

Responsive property website design

UX-Focused Design

Crucible set out to modernise the UX of the site while also effectively catering to the six distinct user personas that included landlords, property developers and commercial business owners. A key aspect of the UX was to redesign the homepage to better represent Whybrow’s position in the industry and to direct users through more effective user journeys.

Additionally, as property consultants, it was important for the website to host a functional property search. Crucible redesigned the existing search function to include additional filters and sorting options furthering Whybrow’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions for its users.


Before After
Commercial property website

Technical Considerations

Whybrow utilises Reapit, the well-known estate management system, as its central property platform. It was necessary to integrate Reapit into WordPress and ensure that the website accurately retrieved the necessary data to power the site’s property search function. The Crucible development team successfully accomplished the integration, maintaining Reapit as the central source of truth, which ultimately helps to save the Whybrow team valuable time.

B2B Property Website

The Result

Whybrow’s investment in a digital refresh has transformed the brand’s digital identity and website. The redesigned website is now aligned with the brand’s values, mission and position in the industry. The fresh logo and updated colour palette modernise the website and reflect the brand’s evolution with its recent acquisition by the leading property group, Beresfords.

Crucible is proud to have delivered a successful website redesign and branding refresh within budget and through an agile release schedule. We look forward to continuing our work with Whybrow and the wider Beresfords group.

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