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UX and UI for a Leading PR Agency

As one of the world’s top PR agencies for culture and the arts, Midas needed a new digital identity to match their trajectory – a growing roster of high-profile clients and a recent expansion into a new sector.

Midas needed a vibrant, risk-taking digital look and feel to match the bold work which they do. Crucible worked to create a high-end, exciting browsing experience, with slick interaction and animations.

midas tag line 'classically fresh'
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UX Workshops

In order to get as broad an understanding of the user as possible within the project’s scope, multiple, detailed UX workshops were undertaken with a broad stakeholder group, represented by as wide a portion of the business as possible.

The Crucible team spent a week at Midas’s offices, getting to know the various teams within the business, from on-the-ground account teams representing different sectors, to business development functions and C-Suite.

Several workshops were held, from which a set of personas and job stories were drawn up. These became artifacts which guided the process of creating journeys, flows, and a sitemap.

Sector Architecture

It became clear from the conversations had with stakeholders that though the team at Midas is agile and flexible, prospective clients would see clearly discrete teams for Books & Publishing and Entertainment team as desirable as it makes the agency feel more specialist.

Midas is much more than an address book, but to clients without much experience of the service offering, that address-book is very important, and a team which has dedicated their careers to their particular sector is part of the appeal.

With that in mind, we built a journey through the site which allows the user to segment themselves into one of the four key sectors: Books & Publishing, Visual Arts, Events & Prizes, and Entertainment. From there, when viewing the services, relevant content is served to the users, reassuring them that Midas are experts in their field.

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Interaction Design

With the growth of UX design, user testing, and data-led design, there is the potential for uniformity by way of best-practice to lead the way. However, a bold, visually-led brand such as Midas needed a platform which would stand out from the crowd.

One of the main ways in which to give the user a pleasing, memorable journey through the site was in the interaction design. Midas’s brand comes alive in its dualities between elegant and arresting, classical and fresh.

With that in mind, we wanted to create a cumulative browsing experience, in which the identity aggregates through impressions given and contradicted. We focused on hover states and scroll animations which bring the two sides to Midas’s approach together before the user’s eyes. The result is a site which powerfully expresses the Midas brand, and will linger in the user’s mind.

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