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Innovative marketing-led website for a scale-up healthcare SaaS provider

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The Project

Lantum is a scale-up healthcare SaaS provider whose revolutionary Locum platform aims to save the NHS £100m a year by managing their temporary staff more efficiently. When they approached Crucible for a new website, they were in a transitionary period of looking to expand into new markets – particularly the secondary care sector.

The Challenge

When we were appointed, Lantum’s key market was the primary care sector. They knew it was key to their success to not alienate their current market, but they were also keen to expand and to be taken seriously as a major player in the much more lucrative secondary care market. As a result, they needed a site that spoke to their capabilities as an organisation – being both part of the NHS Innovation Accelerator and a Crown Commercial Service supplier. This meant that the site needed to be market-ready and able to effectively respond to rapidly developing requirements across the company’s digital marketing goals.

Lantum care website

The Process

We undertook an extended discovery period, embedding one of our project managers to work alongside Lantum in their offices for nearly a month, meeting with senior stakeholders, project planning and detailing the inner workings of the organisation and their product offering to their market.

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Lantum website design

The Result

What resulted was a complex and challenging brief, requiring Crucible to work methodically through many disparate requirements. An entirely fresh structure to the sitemap was designed, as were an in-depth set of wireframes across dozens of templates. We developed and deployed a fresh digital visual identity, helping the company’s brand evolve alongside their new site.

The site was also endlessly customisable within its CMS but at the same time robust, efficient and quickly adaptable. When Lantum subsequently ran marketing campaigns they would make use of a broad set of modules and structures to quickly spin up landing pages applicable to the geographies, demographics and precise needs of their user personas.