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Website design for one of the best known literary, TV and film agencies in the UK

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The brief

Founded in 2012, Madeleine Milburn Agency has grown to be one of the most reputable agencies in the sector. With a list of bestselling authors and awards under their belt, the agency approached Crucible to create a website to match their strong market position. 

With a dated website, laden with duplicated pages and hidden sections, Madeleine Milburn wanted a modern, fresh, clean approach. The key objective for the new site was that it would reflect their esteemed place in the industry and attract high calibre talent to the agency.

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Site structure & duplication

The literary agency had seen rapid growth over the last few years, however the impact of this growth and consequent expansion of the website had resulted in duplication, a lack of structure and a less streamlined approach. The Crucible team were keen to complete an in-depth UX review to ensure the site and each webpage would be carefully organised and well-structured. 

The team’s extensive UX review meant that all replicated content was removed, and a clear and logical approach to the site, page and content structure was introduced. 

User-focused web design

Through several discovery sessions with Madeleine Milburn, the team gained a thorough understanding of what exactly was needed on the site and what could be restructured and refined. 

The Crucible team wanted to create an engaging, clean interface for the agency which would ensure that users had an easy and enjoyable on-page experience. Subtle interactions and animations were also introduced to add delight and elevate user journeys throughout the website.

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Protecting SEO rankings

As a widely known brand in the literary agency space, Madeleine Milburn had built up strong SEO assets. One of the common pitfalls of launching a new website is that SEO rankings can be negatively impacted if the site isn’t migrated and launched in the correct way. So it was paramount that the Crucible team launched the website without impacting the agency’s rankings. 

We’re happy to report that the Crucible team launched Madeleine Milburn’s new site with no impact to their SEO rankings, and the agency has retained its page 1 search position post-launch. 

The result


Madeleine Milburn’s investment into its web and digital presence has meant that the leading literary agency now has the modern, clean, streamlined website which reflects its place in the industry. 

Through in-depth discovery and understanding of Madeleine Milburn and its market offering, Crucible was able to deliver a results-focused website for the agency. 


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