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International Research Centre Brand & Website

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The International Diagnostics Centre, a research body ran by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, is a worldwide hub of information pertaining to the diagnostics methods in the field of medicine. We brought them online, creating a new brand, identity, website and forum for users to engage with.

The Task

The International Diagnostics Centre is a worldwide centre of information pertaining to the spread of diseases. However, their knowledge was difficult to access worldwide, and needed to be digitised. Thousands of resources were put online, and a lot of consideration was given to how users should navigate through a complex matrix of information.

We embarked upon a process of identity creation alongside this, in order to give IDC the industry-recognition they deserve. A powerful logo, speaking to the authority of the organisation, was designed. From there, an identity was established around the shapes of the diseases under the microscope, and a vast set of vector artwork was created.

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An Online Community

Since idc-dx was deployed, users have been able to easily find information that they need, and IDC’s identity has been reinforced worldwide, and Crucible has continued to support the site.

Late in 2019, IDC got in touch to help them to build out an online community, which allows users to communicate with one another, and to offer solutions. Though the forum sits on a subdomain, resources are backlinked to the IDC main site, which entrenches the site’s domain authority.

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