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International Currency Exchange Website

WordPress Multisite design and build for InterchangeFX, a global currency exchange provider turning over €1bn annually

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The Client

Currency Exchange Website Design

Interchange Group are a global and experienced provider of foreign exchange. They needed to redesign their public facing currency exchange website in order to modernise it and make it more scalable. Employing 650 people in 14 countries, they process 3.5 million transactions a year. They have more than 120 branches across the world, with over €1bn annual turnover

Interchange are a primary Western Union agent, and their exchanges can be found in airports, train stations and city centres internationally. The group was looking for an agency to design and build a new customer facing website. The main goal was to reinforce their presence in the market and prepare them for a broader digital transformation.

The company was looking to scale considerably through its website. This meant we looked carefully at the most optimal tech stack to be robust across a period of change. We opted for building the website as a WordPress Multisite network, allowing flexibility and ease of management across multiple international locations.

Languages, WordPress Multisite & identity

The brief

The primary objective of the website project was the need to refresh, update and improve the UX and UI of the website. We were also commissioned create a new, modern digital identity to better represent the corporation alongside this.

The website needed to speak of a company which was digitally-minded and modern, but also authoritative and experienced. Clear user segmentation was required, as the corporate audience is very separate from the consumer audience. Potential partners, airports and train stations would access one side of the site, with consumers accessing the other.

The website is integrated with several existing digital systems, which provide international currency rates, as well as allowing users to reserve cash at different exchange branches. The WordPress Multisite network which we opted for aimed specifically to handle a variety of different traffic from international locations.

Our brief was to integrate these systems, and to ensure that they were presented in such a way to maximise conversions. We paid particular focus to User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimisation. We were also aiming to build a stronger digital foundation for their future digital growth and expansion plans.

Finally, for users it’s particularly important to see which territories Interchange is operating in. Through this, they can quickly and seamlessly access granular detail about branches – their opening times, the specific services possible in store. In a currency exchange website with hundreds of retail locations, this is key.

A modern look and feel

Digital identity

We needed to understand the landscape of FX online, so that we could work with Interchange to exceed their competition.

We held interactive workshops with members of the team to conduct competitor research. The goal was to plot each of the competitors on a matrix of digital look and feel, so as to better understand where Interchange needed to be positioned. 

We determined that we needed to find a brand expression that was not garish or loud, in order to reflect the current wider reputation of the company. Instead, we aimed to speak of a digitally-minded, efficient business. The brand expression was to be muted, but confident, with the content and user experience being the core focus.

We understood early on that it would be commercially undesirable to stray too far from the original colour scheme. This was due to the extent of the branding across the exchange’s 120+ branches.

This meant we focused on balancing the existing scheme instead. We introduced new colours to the scheme, which would allow the orange brand colour to be used more sparingly, but more impactfully. The result was an accessible, UX-led palette which used the orange as a highlight.

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Helping stressed users find their way

Smooth user journeys

When a user is planning on flying to another country, they need to quickly and reliably access their currency exchange’s website. They need to know where they have to go to pick up their cash and be reassured that it will be waiting for them. They may not even look at the website to find the location until they are in the country, and airports often have poor connectivity. The WordPress Multisite build achieved this by ensuring that users would automatically access a locally relevant version of the website.

We designed a smooth user journey which allowed users to find a branch with minimal page loads and with accurate, accessible descriptions. We had to account for the fact that in many cases the customer might not know where Baggage Carousel 9 is, for example. Instead, they might be able to see signs for Starbucks: descriptions needed to reflect the on-the-ground experience of the user. 

We experimented with various ways of allowing users to find the branch they were looking for. In the end, we opted for an interaction which allowed both a filtering action (choosing by country, city, etc.) for users pre-flight. This was backed up by a search option for users who have already landed and know exactly which branch they need to find.

Managing a WordPress Multisite Network


Interchange has over 120 branches, and their opening times and details are managed on a branch-by-branch basis. This means we needed to ensure that branch content could be uploaded and managed in an efficient and straightforward way. We designed up a series of components which could be replicated across branches to achieve this. This meant standardising means of describing services, opening hours, and location.

This ensured that we were able to import information about the branches in an efficient way. It saved the team having to enter in information for each branch. Crucially, it also made sure that all of the information about the branches is displayed consistently, from Austria to Zambia.


Multi-language requirements

Deployment & management

As an international business, the website needed to be translated into multiple languages, in a streamlined and straightforward method. 

We opted against using a plugin such as Polylang or WPML as this would not have given the flexibility required. Instead, we opted to build the site as a Multisite network.

This allowed different child websites to be spun up for each language. This means these sires can be managed by on-the-ground country directors on a language-by-language basis. It also allows different sitemaps to exist for each.

This allowed the Interchange team to create specific websites for each territory. Otherwise, they would have been limited to producing like-for-like websites in each language. This also means they can also quickly spin up new country sites, each using the same set of components as the main (global) site.

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