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High-Tech Manufacturing Group Brand, Website & Digital Strategy

Site redevelopment followed by a complete digital strategy overhaul

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The Task

When VJ Group initially approached us in 2018, their goal was to replace their six-year old website.

Working in the industrial X-ray space, the translating of complex technical and scientific language into commercially attractive and visually appealing digital assets was no small feat. With their digital infrastructure being aesthetically out of date, they were keen to implement a new site that better captured the modernity of their brand and business practice. The new website was implemented after discovery and consultation with their marketing team and senior leadership.

A Broadening Digital Infrastructure

While VJ’s new site served certain aspects of the business well, the corporate appetite for a wider digital overhaul was low. This meant that in a heavily technical, engineering-focused organisation, marketing expertise was low and initiatives were ad-hoc. Together with VJ it was decided to embark upon a longer term partnership and relationship.

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Wider Overhaul

In order to understand the breadth of the potential project ahead, we undertook a digital strategy consultation project with VJ’s senior leadership, interviewing 30 of their senior managers across three continents to better understand their business model and long term goals.

Since then we are proud to have strengthened our relationship with the VJ Group and embarked upon a three-year strategy delivery project, where our remit includes upskilling and broadening internal skillsets, a complete brand modernisation, developing new internal digital customer management infrastructure, and embedding a number of systems into a far wider digital marketing architecture.

A Transformed Corporate Entity

The aim is that at the end of phase three (in 2022-2023) of the project the VJ Group will be vastly more capable of digital and marketing innovation, protecting and enhancing its long term growth via a broad range of matured sales and marketing channels. While the Group is already internationally successful in the X-ray space with revenues in excess of $80m annually, our aim with them is to implement appropriate infrastructure to facilitate the further scaling of the business into a competitive global entity.