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Cybersecurity Rebrand & Website Design

Covering brand and messaging, design and development for a leading UK Cybersecurity firm

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Improving Digital Impact via Branding

Blackfoot is a leading UK cybersecurity firm, ensuring that their clientele are protected against the most sophisticated digital threats worldwide.

But in a sector hampered by the ‘invisibility’ of the threat, and the incomprehensibility of much of the language used, several firms struggle to communicate their message and have appropriate sales-driven websites.

Blackfoot was previously one of these firms.

blackfoot homepage design on monitor

Creating the look

Drawing reference from ideas of images of traditional crime, we focused on how to ‘translate’ these into a digital format. By representing them in flat graphics we aimed to create a visual identity that felt at home in the digital space, but communicated the reality of the threat being faced.

3d model design of contact information

Creating the voice

By engaging with Blackfoot’s entire 25-strong team in a collaborative workshopping exercise, we were able to determine their brand voice. They determined that the tone they wished to speak with was that of candour, sincerity, and being expert but also friendly – as a celebrity they likened Blackfoot to Professor Brian Cox.

website architecture design of building

testimonial mobile design on smartphone

A full service

In total, the project demanded work on strategy & service architecture consultancy, branding, visual identity, verbal identity, web design and development, print design, and even animation. We are proud to have worked with Blackfoot so closely for over a year to deliver real business transformation in how they approach selling their services.

The results

Blackfoot has reported an increase in sales and has been able to expand, as well as now planning a substantial marketing strategy to encompass content, events, and CRM integration. We look forward to working with them on phase 2 of their brand execution.