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Avalon Corporate Entertainment

Avalon Management is a titan in talent management in the UK and internationally, with offices in London, New York and Beverly Hills. They manage some of the world’s top comedic and acting talent, working with such names as Russell Howard, Al Murray, Frank Skinner, Lee Nelson and Greg Davies among many others.

avalon team member design

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The Task

Avalon’s Corporate Events wing was keen to highlight its strength and breadth of talent on offer and increase conversion rates across the website dramatically. However, one of their main considerations was to allow users to segment themselves between actors, comedians and presenters, as they are perceived first and foremost as a comedy agency.

However, one of Avalon’s other considerations was the extent to which their competitors and affiliates had stronger brand presence across the web. We therefore spent time working with Avalon on their SEO procedures and made most of their listings for their talent rank on the first page of Google for key search terms.

Interaction and Animation

The team at Avalon were keen to bring delight into the browsing experience and so one of our key tasks was to help their site – essentially a structured, filterable and searchable list of comedians – be an exciting experience to browse. We added animations to both the homepage and filtering systems, and brought their brand out through a blue border which colours upon hover with interactive elements on the page.

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User Experience

A key aspect of the site for Avalon was to streamline the user journey to allow users to quickly and easily find the talent they are looking for and learn more about them. This was achieved via working with AND/OR logic for the site’s filter queries. This allows their clients to quickly find all Comedians who do¬†After Dinner engagements within just a few clicks.

The site also allows Avalon to easily populate and update each comedian’s page with a variety of content types – their main biography (which we optimised for SEO), rich content such as embedded video, and testimonials from their clients.

Lastly, all talent pages allow their customers to easily return to view others, or to scroll through comedians to find who they’re looking for. A contact link on each comedian’s page also pre-generates mail responses based on the talent chosen.

Avalon have been extremely happy with their site, and we are shortly to be engaged to work on the other websites within the group.