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Clinic Website Design & Performance Marketing

Website redesign for one of the UK’s leading fertility clinics 

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The brief 

The Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health (CRGH) is one of London’s most well-known fertility clinics, with some of the highest success rates in the UK and internationally. They needed a clinic website design befitting of their leading position in the UK fertility sector.

For a clinic of this stature and reputation, their clinic website and digital identity wasn’t doing the business justice. A pioneering organisation, at the forefront of its industry, needed a UX-focused, sector leading website to reflect the standards and high quality of services provided at CRGH. 

Initially, CRGH approached Crucible to develop a new clinic website design, build upon the business’s strong SEO foundations and work with the clinic on a brand refresh to ensure its logo and digital identity would accurately portray CRGH. As the project progressed, we also started to work with CRGH on their PPC advertising, and are excited to continue our work with the clinic to maximise their digital potential. 

Before After

SEO website migration

Although building such a strong business asset had been unplanned, CRGH had developed enviable SEO health due to the age of the website and volume of content on it. Because of this, protecting this business asset was a vital part of the website redesign process. 

The website needed a significant overhaul. The website design itself was outdated, there was a vast amount of redundant content and the journeys through the site lacked thought and clarity. While the site required reworking and reorganisation, changing the structure of the site would negatively impact CRGH’s SEO health. This therefore became one of the most important considerations of the project to ensure that the new clinic website would maintain and support this digital asset. 

Through careful planning and SEO expertise we were able to redesign the site to be UX-focused – including doubling its conversion rate – while maintaining CRGH’s SEO health. We’re now working with the clinic to further improve their SEO and attract even more customers through this channel.

UX focused web design

The lack of clear, user-focused web design was an area of weakness in the previous website. With minimal clarity in the user journeys through the site, it was not performing effectively for CRGH and was impacting conversions and leads for the business. 

The clinic has a number of different target personas and audience groups, including same sex couples, heterosexual couples and single patients, so it was crucial that we worked with CRGH to define all of these personas and their objectives on the site. In the discovery and site mapping phase of the project, we ensured these journeys were clearly defined to make sure all of the clinic’s website design goals could be easily achieved on the new site. 

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Data-driven digital marketing

During the design phase of the project, we started to discuss CRGH’s PPC activity and discovered that it wasn’t delivering results for the clinic as it should’ve been. CRGH decided to partner with Crucible to manage their PPC advertising and after completing an initial audit, we found several issues. These included an inefficient back end setup that meant that CRGH was unable to track and attribute conversions, resulting in wasted time and budget. 

The digital marketing team at Crucible were keen to take a deep dive into CRGH’s PPC account and make sure that all areas were set up using best practice and that the channel would start to deliver results for the clinic. 

Fast forward to the present day and the business has seen vast improvements in results from PPC activity. With the new site launched as well, the setup and close management of these two channels has enabled the business to be data-driven in its digital marketing and website decisions.

The result

CRGH’s investment into their new website, digital identity and digital marketing has already made a significant business impact. The clinic has transformed its digital presence, which now accurately reflects the high quality, sector leading services it provides. We’re proud to have worked with the CRGH team to deliver the quality of digital product that the business deserves, and we’re excited to strengthen our partnership as CRGH opens a second clinic and continues its growth trajectory. 


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