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Christmas Inc

Creating the ‘Aston Martin’ of Christmas Brands

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Christmas INC is a professional Christmas decorators for high-end, luxury and large corporate clientele in and around the London area.

Their commercial clients include Vue Cinemas, De Beers Diamonds, Crowne Hotels, Dirty Martini and Hackett. Their raison d’etre is simple – provide the highest level of service, expertise, and finished product of any Christmas company in the UK.

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The Brief

The company had expanded since their founding in 2015 and were keen to develop a new brand, collateral and web package that, in the client’s own words, creates them as the ‘Aston Martin of Christmas decorators’. We were keen to create a refined yet festive package for Christmas INC. We resolved to focus on the ligature in the new simple typographic mark due to its refined yet playful resemblance of a Christmas bauble. The flourish established in the logo itself figures across all of their collateral, bringing the visuality of the package full-circle.

web design on poster

physical store during christmas

The Website

On the company’s new website, we focused on keeping the layout clean, refined and festive to match the brand itself and carry the wider identity across the company’s most important customer-facing piece of brand architecture.