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Martha and Maria: Celebrating two years at Crucible

It’s been two years since Senior Project Manager, Martha and Performance Marketing Manager, Maria joined Crucible.


We wanted to celebrate by taking some time to thank both Martha & Maria for their incredible contributions to the Crucible team over the last two years. As leaders in their respective fields, we wanted to share their thoughts on how they got to where they are now, their time at Crucible, and what developments they’re looking forward to.


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Martha Baumforth Leadbetter, Senior Project Manager


Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got into project management?

I’ve worked for a handful of retailers and fashion houses managing e-commerce websites and working on projects that included website migrations, enabling third-party integrations, new features, and reporting.

After working in e-commerce alongside a couple of developers, and agencies, I was fairly familiar with project management frameworks and enjoyed seeing projects come together. I was looking for a career change so I completed a few project management methodologies and qualified as an Agile Practitioner.


Why did you decide to work at a UK digital agency? And what drew you to Crucible?

Working at an agency seemed like the natural next step. Crucible has worked with a variety of projects from different sectors, which felt exciting to be a part of. I prefer working in a small team rather than a large corporate business as it’s easier to make a difference and it’s rewarding to see your efforts impact the performance of a project.


What’s been your project highlight at Crucible? And what do you enjoy most about working at the agency?

A project highlight has been working with Crafty Counsel and finding out about the world of the legal community. We worked collaboratively throughout the duration of the project and the project was delivered on time and on budget.


What advice would you give a project manager who’s starting out?

Make time to understand the different personalities and motivations of the team and the clients. This helps to understand people’s strengths and communication styles, goals, interests, and how we perceive other personalities.

When things get really busy apply a time estimate and priority order to each task on your to-do list, making your workload manageable.

If things go pear-shaped, make a joke out of it and learn to accept the outcome and move on. Disappointments are inevitable, how you choose to get over them and move on is really important.


What project management trends are you expecting in 2024?

With the hype surrounding AI at the moment, I look forward to seeing how project management tools provide more automation for PMs – turning meeting minutes into actions would be really useful…



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Maria Garcia, Performance Marketing Manager


Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got into performance marketing?

Lots of determination and effort led me to pursue my BBA degree in San Francisco, and in my second year, I was able to do an exchange year in London. I really liked the city and the catalogue that my university was offering on the London campus, so I decided to stay, and I completed my degree with a double major in Marketing and Management. After I finished my bachelor’s, I decided that I wanted to continue my education. I pursued an accelerated Master’s in International Business, which really helped me to gain a further set of skills that would support me on my career journey.

I took a couple of internships in marketing in which I was able to explore different roles that helped me discover what I enjoyed doing more, which led me to paid marketing. During my internships, I was able to interact with people who had lots of experience and were very passionate about what they were doing, which was a big inspiration as I transitioned into the workplace.


Why did you decide to work at a UK digital agency? And what drew you to Crucible?

I wanted to work in a place with the opportunity to interact with clients from different industries and gain expertise in multiple digital marketing channels, and an agency seems like the right place. Crucible aligned with my goals. In every role that I am in, I aspire to challenge myself and grow and I can confidently say that I have been able to achieve that in these last two years.


What’s been your project highlight at Crucible? And what do you enjoy most about working at the agency?

One project that stands out for me is our work with CRGH. What truly sets it apart is the opportunity to support clinics that help people achieve their dreams of starting a family. It is also gratifying to see the tangible performance outcomes of our work and the positive feedback we’ve received from the client, which has added to the immense satisfaction of this experience. It has been an exceptional journey.

What I enjoy most about working at Crucible is the dynamic and collaborative environment. This not only enhances our problem-solving abilities but also creates a supportive atmosphere that encourages professional growth. I also appreciate the opportunity to take ownership of my work, knowing that my team has confidence in my abilities.


What advice would you give a performance marketer who’s starting out?

I would suggest starting by having a solid understanding of the fundamentals, and from there, explore the different areas that marketing has to offer, not only to gain experience but also to discover or reinforce what you enjoy doing. I would also suggest staying up to date with the latest trends and technologies to differentiate yourself and make your content stand out. Lastly, don’t be afraid to reach out to your team or mentor if you need any type of help; any question is valid.


What performance marketing trends are you expecting in 2024?

The use of AI, which is rapidly growing, suggests that during 2024 we can expect more advanced AI-driven tools to support campaign optimisation and enhance targeting. I also think that storytelling and video content will improve further to create more engaging experiences for customers, potentially improving their interaction with ads or paid content as they become less generic and more appealing.


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