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Leading digital agency, Crucible, announces move to Crucible.io

In a move to reflect Crucible’s position as a digital agency, the business has migrated to a new website – Crucible.io.

The move from CrucibleCreative.co.uk to the new domain marks the agency’s transition from a creatively focussed agency to a digitally focussed agency.


A digital-first agency


The move is a significant change in positioning for the agency, reflecting the current makeup of Crucible and its employees. As a digital-first business, one area which has seen a transition over the past few years is the Design team. The team has evolved to become a Digital Design team, working specifically on web, digital products and digital identity, and collaborating closely with the Web Development team on client projects. 

In recent years, the team has also grown in its experience and expertise developing functionality-led websites with complex requirements. And moving forward, these types of website projects are where the agency is excited to focus. 


Man who works on design at his computers, at a leading digital agency in London


The vision for Crucible’s future


Craig Slade, Managing Director, commented on the move saying: 

“Our move to Crucible.io represents our growth so far and our vision for Crucible’s future. 

We’ve grown significantly over the past few years, both as a team and in our experience working with clients with more complex website needs. 

We want to continue to make greater use of our internal skill sets to deliver larger and more technically challenging websites for businesses across the globe.” 


The story so far


The agency was formed in 2016 but first adopted the name Crucible Creative in early 2017 to reflect the agency’s specialisms and services. 

With Crucible’s focus on the arts sector at the time, the name helped communicate the creative services offered by the agency and alluded to some of the references for the word ‘Crucible’ in theatre.

However, the name was also adopted to reflect the agency’s unique approach to projects; a crucible is a vessel in which tough material is melted down and formed into a useful product.

This process seemed to clearly represent the purpose and intention of the agency as a place where the most challenging briefs and projects would be broken down, analysed, mixed with great ideas, and forged into practical – but beautiful – solutions.


Pivoting to digital 


While much learning and growth was experienced during the business’s first few years, changing customer demand from print to digital meant that Crucible pivoted to focus on digital products and transformation. 

It was these key market changes as well as the agency’s passion for web and digital products which has placed Crucible where it is today. 


A woman smiling at her desk as a digital agency


Looking ahead 


Crucible’s move to Crucible.io reflects the agency’s strong position as a leading digital agency based in London. There’s much more growing and learning to be done but establishing the agency with the launch of Crucible.io feels like an important milestone to celebrate in the business’s journey.

Keep your eyes peeled on our website and across social for some more exciting activity coming soon.