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10 Innovative Manufacturing Website Designs for 2024

Websites for the manufacturing industry have long since lagged behind other types of business. This is because manufacturing is a very traditional sector.

But that doesn’t mean that yours has to. Here, we take a look at the strongest entries in manufacturing website design, and give you a break-down of what makes them so powerful.


What’s so important about website design for manufacturing?


Websites for manufacturers are often the most important applications of their brand: it’s the first impression a company makes. It’s where it gets to put forward its mission, and where it finds new customers and employees.

The American Bureau of Labour Statistics estimated that 4.5 million people left their jobs in 2022. The manufacturing industry was one of the worst-hit, with employee turnover rates of 28.6%.

This means that being competitive with your website design is more important than ever for your company’s brand.

In manufacturing, website design is where a business can show it cares about modern practices. A website should detail sustainability, diversity, and other elements of brand which users think of as key trust factors. For a manufacturer, a strong website design is also important for attracting talent, and making it clear what the business can offer.


What does a strong website design do for a manufacturing business?


One of the most important factors in website design for manufacturing is whether the quality, credentials, experience and modernity of the product are being communicated by the website.

Will this business’s products do what I need to a high quality? And, is the business behind it genuine, experienced and authoritative? It just so happens that these factors are also some of the highest ranking factors for SEO.

With the recent boom AI generated imagery, trusting what you see online is more and more difficult. The credentials that manufacturing businesses need to show on their websites are more important than ever – as more customers than ever focus their decisions to trust a business based on its website.

Further than looking at trust factors, we’ll also be sharing some page speed insights you can test yours here: Performance, which relates to the speed at which the websites run, and Accessibility, which relates to how accessible the designs are, through metrics like font/button size and colour contrasts.


Our Top 10 Website Designs within Manufacturing


    1. Resonant Link
    2. VJT
    3. Exelentex
    4. Hajster
    5. Everyday Robots
    6. Reload Motors
    7. SKBK
    8. Farley Greene
    9. Qualitair
    10. AtkinsRéalis



1. Resonant Link – Wireless Medical Devices Website Design

Resonant Link website homepage

Resonant Link’s website does an excellent job of showcasing their products. It’s visually engaging, modern and dynamic. Their charging devices are shown in an animated “exploded view”, where the user sees the parts of the products separate.

This does a great job of both encouraging trust: they clearly care about their product, and the processes behind, it if they are willing to show it broken down like this. It has the double effect of also in generating interest in the product. 

The brand expression is clean and modern, with some interesting alignment choices, such as the layout of the text on the hero image. This means the site feels less generic and more dynamic.

Our criticism? This company has gone to great lengths to animate the site, to make it feel slick. However, some computers may struggle to run it. It might be that the heavy load of these animations has contributed to the poorer PageSpeed scores below.


📈 Performance: 28

✅ Accessibility: 78


2. VJ Group – Industrial X-Ray Website Design

VJT website homepage

This site – one of ours at Crucible – focuses on the machines & components for VJ Group. They are an international manufacturer of X-Ray machines and components. This site has been designed to have distinct but complementary visual languages, which show off the quality of the products.

On VJT, we worked closely with product specialists D’Andrea and Evers – who designed the machines themselves – to create a cohesive branded expression. This has been applied to both the logo and website, but also the physical machines themselves. We also worked on the sister company VJXray on a similar project.

The goals of these website designs have been to increase and generate leads, first and foremost. Alongside this, they aim to enhance brand perception and stature, and increase reputation with potential employees. These websites were part of a broad strategic project, which has resulted in a transformed corporate entity.

If you like this one, don’t hesitate, get in touch with us today.


📈 Performance: 80

✅ Accessibility: 84



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3. eXelentex – Manufacturing Software Website design

eXelentex website homepage

This business is deeply embedded in technology, and its manufacturing techniques are focused on tech, which is shown by its website design.

They have used some flare in their interaction design to make the site stand out. The custom cursor, text arranged vertically as well as horizontally, and animated graphic transitions help this website to feel like a unique browsing experience. It gives a really strong sense of a business operating at the bleeding edge of innovation and technology.

The challenge a site like this has is that design like this aims to impress the user with its look and feel. This can, however, potentially sacrifice usability.

The website is quite text-heavy, which could be easier to navigate with fewer animations and interactions. The navigation design would also not serve all users.

That having been said: the accessibility rating from PageSpeed Insights is very high. The lower performance score is likely affected by the amount of animations.


📈 Performance: 47

✅ Accessibility: 96


4. Hajster – Heating & Cooling Products Website Design

Hajster website homepage

Hajster’s website’s has a soft palette, clean typography, and a focus on imagery. This helps to ensure that the brand’s commitment to precision is clear. The prestige of their products shines through.

This site’s animations are a lot less intrusive than the Resonant Link and eXelentex, but they feel controlled – backing up their company’s product mission.

This site might be improved, however, by adding more content. Their desire for simplicity means that there isn’t a full Information Architecture.

There aren’t any full product pages – instead the user can find these in blog posts, or as pop-ups. While the look and feel of the site is really clean, the user journeys are less strong, and are counter-intuitively made more complicated as a result of the small number of pages.

The site performs quite well on both PageSpeed metrics:

📈 Performance: 71

✅ Accessibility: 80


5. Everyday Robots – Robotics & AI Website Design

Everyday Robots website homepage

This website design is geared towards one primary mission, which is demonstrated by the name of the business.

Their goal is to make the construction of robots look like something completely everyday, and strip the negative, scary feelings which robots are often associated with.

The look and feel makes use of typography and a simple colour palette. Alongside this, a friendly yellow serves as an accent colour, and imagery focused on people throughout the site helps to soften the image of these robots.

They have also gone a long way to work on really modern, progressive design. Throughout, the application of animation design is very well executed. It’s also used just how animation should be: to make the information that is being presented more easily understood.

If we had any criticism, it would be that it’s not entirely clear whether there robots being built to sell, or whether they work on a per-brief basis. They seem to be at an early stage of their journey, so it could be that they are not yet ready to release their products.

The performance stats from PageSpeed Insight might be down to the level of animation on the page. Unsurprisingly, for a company affiliated with X and Google, the accessibility ratings are very high.

📈 Performance: 64

✅ Accessibility: 98


6. Reload Motors – Hydrogen Vehicles Website Design

Reload Motors homepage

This website design shows how closely technology and manufacturing relate by using the hero image, animation and text.

The image of the van, the product manufactured by Reload, is silhouetted in the background. The heading then focuses on “technology”, not mentioning vans. As the user scrolls, site’s animation aims to demonstrate that the company is creating the next generation of commercial hydrogen vehicles.

The strongest aspect of this site is its storytelling – it helps the user to understand a product that might not be intuitive to understand for new website visitors.

One downside of the site is that the scrolling journey restricts the user journey – similar to product pages of iPhones – which means that there aren’t many ways for the user to find what they need, if they’ve come for anything other than gaining awareness of the brand.


📈 Performance: 35

✅ Accessibility: 85

7. SKBK – Industrial Boilers Website Design

SKBK website homepage

As part of our discovery process, we often include references to international examples of website design. This has a double effect – our clients focus on the design rather than the language, highlighting whether the website is effective at showing the strength of its products. Separately, it ensures we capture the strongest references from around the world to show our clients.

It’s easy to see that this website design is working really well, because it’s immediately clear what this Russian business does. The high-quality imagery is given lots of space to breathe on the page: from this, it’s clear that they take pride in the manufacturing of their products.

The typography and the layout of navigational elements give the site a modern feel. Alongside this, the hamburger menu and menu items down the left-hand side give a range of navigation options.

This means the website feels like it has taken its design lead from a console or tech product’s Graphical User Interface (GUI), rather than from a standard product website.

While this is great for brand recognition, it could mean that it’s a little difficult for users to find what they need. If the links they are looking for is not on the left-hand side, there is a chance that the user might not see the hamburger on the right.


📈 Performance: 35

✅ Accessibility: 75


8. Farley Greene – Sieving Products Website Design

Farley Greene website homepage

This website design may seem like a strange inclusion in this list. It doesn’t have the same futuristic design focus as some of the others. There aren’t a huge amount of animations, and it doesn’t have a particularly modern style of typography, colour palette, or layout. However: we think that this is the right choice.

This is because there has to been given a serious consideration to the user.

The users of this site are in the market for quality sieving products, and so are likely to be considering where this products fits into their production line. Crucially, they’re also thinking about their budget.

It would be totally inappropriate for this website to make the same grand statements as some of the others on this list: it would give the impression that the product is over-engineered, or too expensive.

Instead, they have focused on clean, directed user journeys, strong presentation of their products, subtle, professional interactions, and clearly laid out product specifications.


📈 Performance: 34

✅ Accessibility: 83


9. Qualitair – Filtration Equipment Website Design

Qualitair website homepage


This site’s design focuses on the manufacturing design process. The design shows the care that they take with planning and building their products.

The thin blue ‘key lines’ which make visible the grid on which the website design is built emphasise the working parts of the website.

This is the same idea as showing the blueprinted products. From this, the user intuits a sense of pride and care with which the business operates.

If anything, this consistency and coherence in the website design is reinforced by the physical product photography shown down the page. The size given to the products doesn’t show them off as much as it could, but still makes a great impression to back up the animated diagrams.

The stripped-design has probably contributed to the great PageSpeed scores for this site:


📈 Performance: 81

✅ Accessibility: 95



10. AtkinsRéalis – Multi-vertical Manufacturing Website Design


This site is a strong example of what an international market leader aims to achieve with its website. It is dynamic, well constructed and engaging. The design is clearly cohesive, from having a focused and clear brand structure to having concise messaging that reinforces clear brand pillars.

While the company has interests outside of manufacturing, the breadth of their work – from building projects, through to nuclear, industrial and defence – suggests a seriously capable multinational team. The site is also clearly broken down, easily navigable, and its journeys are useful and clear for a wide variety of audiences.

Beyond this, however, they’ve taken things to the next level. With a business of this scope, the B2B marketing mix must have a level of sophistication beyond most manufacturers. As a result, they have a podcast, a wide variety of downloadable resources, and a wealth of information regarding initiatives such as ESG, DSI, and other corporate policies.

However, surprisingly, the website’s performance isn’t as strong as you’d expect from a giant like this.


📈 Performance: 61

✅ Accessibility: 100



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