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Our Top 10 Best Healthcare Websites 2024

In this article we break down the 10 best healthcare websites in 2024, and why they are effective.

  1. Mayo Clinic
  2. Barts Health
  3. CRGH
  4. Hertility Health
  5. Campaign Against Living Miserably
  6. WebMD
  7. Unmind
  8. Abortion Finder
  9. Thanks Ben
  10. Breastcancer.org


According to Google Health boss, David Feinberg, 7% of Google’s daily searches are health-related.


This statistic demonstrates the importance of establishing a strong online presence for health-related organisations. Moreover, 77% of patients begin their health journey on Google with patients performing extensive research when searching for answers or a diagnosis, including scouring patient testimonials and reviews. Although patients are actively engaging digitally, only 2.4% of healthcare appointments are scheduled online. Patients are reluctant to submit their private medical details online and prefer to speak to a human being.

For many healthcare websites, this presents a unique challenge that must be overcome through careful design and thoughtful UX. Due to the nature of the sector, the best healthcare websites must be engaging and be seen as trustworthy, while adhering to strict legal and privacy regulations that are in place to protect users and their data – which are particularly stringent when it comes to sensitive health data.

Although, despite these challenges, it should be no surprise that the healthcare industry has shown incredible digital transformation in recent years, propelled by the COVID-19 pandemic. Digital innovation within healthcare has taken huge strides in delivering products that put patients and their needs first. This means adapting their digital strategy to cater to a younger, more digitally savvy audience. That being said, many healthcare providers and services must be accessible to a wide range of users across several age groups via universal design. This produces a challenge in that the healthcare sector must remain competitive by adopting new technologies while being careful not to alienate a less digitally native audience – especially important given the onset of greater health challenges in old age.

In this blog, we take a look at the top 10 best healthcare websites in 2024. We’ve curated this list by assessing each website in the following categories:

📈 Overall Performance

🙋‍♂️ User Experience

🔠 Accessibility

💡 Content

⭐️ Identity

🔒 Security & Privacy


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1. Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic Website Design

The Mayo Clinic is the largest not-for-profit, academic health system in the US with campuses in five states. They focus on treating serious and complex illnesses and are rated the number one hospital in the US. The website lives up to its reputation with engaging homepage content and bespoke navigation, catering to many potentially disparate user journeys.

The website is clean, modern and light, emphasising the organisation’s trustworthiness and reliability. It prioritises vital information over flashy animations and bright colours, but its brand identity is clear through consistent colours and tone of voice.

The website is smooth and boasts quick loading speeds, despite its vast information architecture. We are impressed with the site’s prominent disease & conditions search bar on the homepage, which effectively segments the many user journeys across the site. The alphabet selector is useful for users who are looking for immediate answers but may not know how to spell the specific disease they are looking for.

📈 Performance: 64

♿ Accessibility: 100


2. Barts Health

Best Healthcare Websites Barts Health

Barts is an NHS trust based in London, England and serves 2.6 million people; 1.5% of all hospital activity in England. The website is powerful in its performance and has been thoughtfully designed to be accessible to its diverse and international user base.

The website is a great example of UX-focused navigation that prioritises users’ goals. Prominent and clear buttons are used to direct users to their chosen hospital, where the user’s journey is personalised even further by their visiting reason and chosen departments. The brand identity remains consistent throughout the site from its consistent use of colour and iconography. The site is modern, clear and easy to navigate with quick search bars ideally placed in the header and throughout its pages.

Good website design in the public sector is important but can often be difficult due to the structures of the contracts in place and its stakeholders, so the success of this site is especially impressive.

📈 Performance: 91

♿ Accessibility: 94



Best Healthcare Websites CRGH

The Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health (CRGH) is an IVF clinic based in London, England. CRGH is one of the UK’s most well-known fertility clinics, with some of the highest success rates in the UK and internationally.

The site has a strong UX where visitors are prompted to begin interacting with the site by selecting their specific circumstances, which personalises the user journey. The site performs incredibly well with fast loading times and strong mobile performance.

The brand’s identity is captured thoughtfully throughout the site with its use of colour, subtle animations and engaging imagery. We find the site’s use of bespoke illustrations, especially compelling and helps visualise data and values.

📈 Performance: 93

♿ Accessibility: 94

The Crucible team had the pleasure of re-designing the CRGH website and is proud to have improved the site’s UX and overall performance. Crucible delivers stunning website design & development and marketing, with healthcare as a key specialism.


4. Hertility

Top 10 Best Healthcare Websites Hertility Health

Hertility is a women’s health company that provides diagnostic testing for reproductive health, and fertility. The site strikes an impressive balance between being scientifically accurate and engaging to a more modern audience.

The website is a modern B2C healthcare website aiming to provide valuable insights to its audience alongside promoting its life-changing products. The site incorporates a questionnaire that personalises the website experience for the user; streamlining each user journey.

The site’s content is easily digestible and provides valuable resources aimed at educating their audience including engaging video content and interactive FAQs. The site also incorporates bespoke illustrations that help to describe complex scientific information. We are impressed with the site’s storytelling aspect, which takes the user on their bespoke healthcare journey.

📈 Performance: 77

♿ Accessibility: 83


5. Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM)

Top 10 Best Healthcare Websites CALM

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is a UK-based charity that provides a helpline for young men who are at risk of suicide. The website is bright, engaging, and modern, catering to its target audience.

The website puts content at the forefront of its mission; sharing survivor stories through embedded videos as well as interactive pages that include music and photography. The site’s purpose of raising awareness and attracting support is realised through engaging content and strong CTAs, for example, the ‘Take Action’ button prompting urgency. The site is effective in its consistent tone of voice, targeted to its audience and supporter base.

Finally, the website opts for bright block modules and sharp visuals, which help to segment the various campaigns and calls to action, prompting engagement and more streamlined user journeys.

📈 Performance: 76

♿ Accessibility: 83


6. WebMD

Webmd Healthcare Website Example

WebMD is an American online publisher of healthcare news and information and is regarded as one of the top healthcare websites globally.

The website adopts a template that is widely used for journalistic sites, immediately establishing it as a destination for up-to-date healthcare news. The website is packed with useful content and we are impressed with its use of quick links, directing users to more relevant content. Although the site is content-heavy, it still performs extremely well, boasting fast load times and a great mobile UX.

The site is consistent in its choice of imagery and use of brand colours. We are impressed with the site’s expression of its brand through the use of bespoke illustrations that represent the site’s main categories.

📈 Performance: 61

♿ Accessibility: 71



7. Unmind

Unmind B2B Healthcare Website

Unmind is a workplace well-being platform designed to help organisations improve mental health within the workplace. The Unmind website is consistent with its branding and its mission is clear throughout the website.

As a B2B solution, the Unmind website is a fantastic example of how to engage and delight a B2B audience through its use of colour, video and storytelling. The site is efficient in leading potential prospects through thoughtful and clearly defined user journeys.

Unmind’s unique collection of quality resources from on-demand webinars to mental health podcasts is especially powerful. The site’s content succeeds in providing value and scientific insight into mental health and well-being in the workplace. Their insights and claims are backed up by real research performed by a scientific team which helps to establish trust with their customers.

📈 Performance: 42

♿ Accessibility: 82


8. Abortion Finder

Abortion Finder Healthcare Web Design

Abortion Finder is a website created to provide up-to-date and accurate information about the availability of abortion care across the United States. It’s a powerful example of a website that has been designed for a specific user, searching for immediate, urgent, reliable and trustworthy advice.

The site incorporates strong UX on the homepage and throughout. Users are immediately greeted with a search bar to find available clinics near them and access to up-to-date funding and support. It therefore succeeds in building trust through detailed information, resources and step-by-step guides.

The site is clean, modern and performs exceptionally well, and is an example of a healthcare site providing important support in a challenging climate. We are impressed with the site’s extensive information and simplicity, enabling vulnerable users to access urgent information quickly.

📈 Performance: 100

♿ Accessibility: 80


9. Thanks Ben

Thanks Ben B2B Web Design

Thanks Ben is an all-in-one, employee benefits platform that allows organisations to support employees maintain positive health and well-being. The site is a great example of a B2B website that has clear and concise messaging.

The homepage is successful in avoiding clutter, ensuring the main CTA is prominent and prioritising UX. Moreover, as a B2B website, it succeeds in demonstrating the product value and benefits for the user.

We are impressed with the brand’s use of bespoke illustrations that bring the site to life and help inject an aspect of fun & lightness into the website. The site is packed with useful content and tools and the use of web animations to illustrate key messages is effective.

📈 Performance: 88

♿ Accessibility: 96


10. Breastcancer.org

Breastcancer.org web design

Breastcancer.org is a website aimed at providing accurate information, guidance and insights into breast cancer.

The site is simple and avoids unnecessary distractions that may deter from its crucial messaging. The menu UX is successful in streamlining users to their website goals based on their personal circumstances and where they are in their healthcare journey. The site’s ability to present sensitive content is also impressive, establishing itself as a thought leader in the space through up-to-date research and an active online community.

📈 Performance: 46

♿ Accessibility: 96

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