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Crucible are specialists in website design and development for healthcare.

We have provided websites and digital marketing for healthcare for some of the leading providers within the UK and Europe.

Read on below to see how we’ve helped build effective healthcare websites that convert users and wow audiences.

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Trusted Experts in Healthcare Website Design

Websites for healthcare need to be trusted, efficient, accessible and dynamic. Work with a partner that understands the health sector and its audience. 

Whether focusing on doctors, other healthcare professionals or the general public, your users care about trusting your brand and your website more than in any other sector. Healthcare can be a source of anxiety for many people, and trusting a healthcare provider based on their website is often a huge decision.

Here at Crucible, we have a proud track record of delivering robust, user-focussed websites and digital infrastructure for healthcare that help you deliver on your promise.

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Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency

In building our digital marketing agency for healthcare we’ve made a commitment: to use our expertise to deliver you end-to-end digital growth.

We’ve worked across website design and digital performance marketing for some of the leading healthcare brands in the UK and internationally.

Performance marketing for healthcare requires careful analysis, precise reporting and creative digital advertising to enable your campaigns to sing – and to convert users.

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Web Design for Healthcare Software Company, Lantum   

Lantum is a healthcare industry SaaS provider whose Locum platform aims to save the NHS over £100 million per year. Lantum were aiming to expand their online presence into new markets. They needed a flexible and market-ready digital platform which could adapt quickly to the company’s digital marketing goals.

With Lantum, we:

  • Met with healthcare professionals, administrators and doctors to distil their services and information into logical website architecture
  • Worked to achieve an engaging yet simple user experience design
  • Created a fresh digital identity, allowing Lantum to gain the trust of their target audiences and their biggest customer, the NHS


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Healthcare Web Design and Development 


Healthcare audiences vary in their requirements for care and will come from many demographics. Your target audience has one thing in column; they care about their health.

Our focus is communicating to your audiences clearly and simply, at the same time as giving you a distinctive and trustworthy identity. It’s important to use key factors to generate trust in healthcare marketing and websites.

We’ll help you with website planning, discovery, design and development to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved. All of our designs are completely bespoke creations – made for your users and patients, your business and your brand.

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Brand development


Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns

The healthcare sector relies on multiple different digital systems to deliver marketing services effectively. As a digital agency for healthcare, it’s important for us to integrate your campaigns and owned web platforms work together effectively. Being a full-service digital partner allows us to do this seamlessly.

Alongside this, having a deep understanding of the needs of healthcare user journeys is key. We’ll integrate your entire digital marketing flow – from campaign, to website, to CRM, to remarketing – seamlessly.

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Digital for Healthcare Organisations

Healthcare is a broad sector, and the needs of different organisations will depend on their patients’ and user needs.

The requirements for a hospital website, such as easy wayfinding and information on types of treatment offered, will be very different from a website for a healthcare software provider. Websites for clinics and specialist providers might require specific information on the expert health professionals and doctors performing procedures and services. Websites for aesthetics clinics and dentists are more likely to require pictures of ‘before and after’ for each treatment type. And, websites for healthcare manufacturers will more closely resemble manufacturing websites than they will many healthcare websites.

The biggest distinction in healthcare is between private healthcare and public healthcare – and as such, all of the marketing materials for a private healthcare brand will differ considerably from those for a provider such as the NHS.

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Performance marketing

Digital Marketing for the Healthcare Sector

Investment in private healthcare marketing in the UK is skyrocketing due to the sector becoming more competitive. A compelling social media presence, high ranking search engine results, and powerful digital advertising is key.

Healthcare providers are now more reliant on Search Engine Marketing (SEM) from PPC advertising for lead generation. Google now prioritises advertising and with introducing AI snippets to its search algorithm, organic rankings are becoming harder to achieve. SEO is still incredibly important for healthcare providers, and needs to be backed up by a solid content strategy, regular blog writing and on-page optimization. Backlink generation is also incredibly important to this ranking. The strongest websites in the sector will make use of all of these techniques.

Healthcare organisations must invest in their Conversion Rate Optimization in order to ensure that users who reach their websites actually become leads.

We can help businesses run these digital marketing campaigns, from forming an initial digital marketing strategy through to deployment of advertising.

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From start to finish Crucible were professional, reliable and communicative. I particularly liked the fact that Crucible took the time to understand our business and our sector. We're delighted with the results and I would recommend Crucible without hesitation.

Craig Paton

Brand and Marketing Manager, Centre for Reproductive & Genetic Health

The Crucible team took time to understand our global user base, and the new site caters for them all. The Crucible team have been responsive and helpful — and the project ran to schedule and on budget. We're truly proud of the website they've delivered us, and it is already showing performance improvements.

Sophie Bryant

Marketing Manager, CCDC

Crucible were reliable and communicative throughout the project we worked with them on, and delivered an innovative digital platform for our centre's website.

Jack Butterworth

Department Manager, Global Health & Development, LSHTM

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Here at Crucible, we get excited about website design and digital marketing for healthcare.

We love working with clients to build bold, user-focused digital products which meet and exceed user expectations and deliver tangible results.

Our goal is to get to know your organisation inside out, and be a healthcare website company you can trust.

By understanding your short, medium and long-term digital goals, we’ll work with you closely to achieve them.

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